About Us

An Spréach is an independent Socialist Republican magazine formed by a collective of political activists. It aims to bring you, the reader, a broad swathe of opinion from within the Irish Socialist Republican political sphere, including, but not exclusive to, the fight for national liberation and socialism in Ireland and internationally.

The views expressed herein, do not necessarily represent the views of the publication and are purely those of the author. We welcome contributions from all political activists, including opinion pieces, letters, historical analyses and other relevant material.

The editor reserves the right to exclude or omit any articles that may be deemed defamatory or abusive. Full and real names must be provided, even in instances where a pseudonym is used, including relevant contact details.

Please bear in mind that you may be asked to shorten material if necessary, and where we may be required to edit a piece to fit within these pages, all efforts will be made to retain its balance and opinion, without bias.

An Spréach is a not-for-profit magazine which only aims to fund its running costs, including print and associated platforms.

You can contact us at any one of the following:

Web  anspreach.org
Email  info@anspreach.org
Facebook  /anspreach
Twitter  @anspreachmedia
Instagram  /anspreach


If you would like to make a contribution to the magazine, here are some general guidelines:

Column:  180 - 220 words
Small Article: 200 - 250 words
Medium Article: 350 - 400 words
Large Article: 500 - 700 words
Small Letter: 0 - 80 words
Medium Letter: 80 - 150 words
Large Letter: 150 - 220