Zionism is Anti-Semitism - Ciaran O'Brien | An Spréach

Zionism is anti-Semitism

This is the kernel of the problem, as we see it: the Jews comprise a distinctive element among the nations under which they dwell, and as such can neither assimilate nor be readily digested by any nation. Hence the solution lies in finding a means of so readjusting this exclusive element to the family of nations, that the basis of the Jewish question will be permanently removed. 

The above is not my own words, nor is it even the words of some tyrannical Third Reich official. The above paragraph is actually a direct quotation from Leon Pinkser, a Zionist pioneer of the 1800s and founder of Hovevei Zion movement. Zionism has always embraced the notion that the Jews are a people alien from all other. Not equal, but superior. 

Yet for all its grandiose dedication to the welfare of the Jewish people, there is nothing supreme about its treatment of Jews who fail to aid or abide the colonial project that is Israel. 

When Orthodox and Haredi followers of Judaism are beaten and imprisoned for protesting conscription to the IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) on the basis that their religion forbids it, is that not anti-Semitic? Where was Zionism’s concern for their welfare when it charged them down with horses or water-cannoned them off the streets. 

When the 4 Jewish activists in Hebron, documenting the construction of illegal settlements, are hospitalised by settlers under the protection of the IOF, where then was Zionism’s concern for its persecuted people? 

When the ultimate persecution of the Jewish people was being committed by the Nazi Regime, it was the World Zionist Organisation who broke the global Jewish anti-Nazi boycott by signing the 1933 Ha'avara Agreement which facilitated trade with the Nazis and promoted the transfer of German Jews over to Palestine. 

Zionism does not know compassion, nor does it seem to know tragic irony. When Netanyahu echo’s the speeches of Hitler he is not emboldening Semites, but anti-Semites. When he engages in Holocaust revisionism claiming it was the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini (a Palestinian), that convinced a Hitler to commit to the ‘Final Solution’, he is absolving full blame from the Nazis for their crimes. 

Zionism and Israel will never speak for all Jews, and its concern is clearly not for all Jews, only those who fit into its white supremacist vision. When African Jewish families flee to Israel but are separated in Camps, referred to as ‘cancers’, forcibly injected with contraceptive implants, or lynched by mobs it is clear that Israel is not for all Jews. 

To be anti-racist, we must all be anti-Zionist. Anti-Semitism only serves Zionism, because Zionism lives on the idea that Jews are an alien race. It serves no other purpose. It can never be anti-Semitic to criticise Israel, because Israel itself is anti-Semitic. Whilst it may lavish privilege upon white Jews within its borders, its existence is predicated on the belief that even these people are incompatible with non-Jews. That their coexistence is impossible. 

Our anti-Zionism must not be misguided however. The myth of ‘Jews run the banks’ must not slip into the lexicon of Palestinian activists, because it is no truer than earlier right-wing myths of communism being a global Jewish plot for domination. It is the ability of Zionist lobbying globally, particularly AIPAC in the U.S, and through being a white western imperial project that Israel receives its strength. Global racism, capitalism and religious bigotry is what gives Israel a means to act with impunity in its persecution of the Palestinian people. 

Zionism’s concern is for white supremacism, for the maximisation of profits and reaping of resources from stolen lands, for the geopolitical interests of U.S imperialism and the welfare of global capitalism. It is not for the Jews. 

From Issue 3 of An Spréach Magazine, Jan - Mar 2019.