Lost in Words - Colum Mac Giolla Bhéin

Like Malcolm we didn’t land on the Rock, it landed on us
Or to be precise like a tablet of stone it was shoved

Down our throats
It made us choke

Until all that was left was a hallow joke
Wrenched from the words
Wrenched from the land
Slipping away like grains of sand
No drills no beds no hawthorn hedge
No Léim an Mhadaidh just Limavady

Lost in space, lost in time, devoid of meaning in the mind
The seed of the planter plays a different game
Not out of the hand yet something the same
Till he pulls on his shirt and all is revealed
He has put a new name on these long lived in fields
Not a curse to be heard No poet’s chimes
A bright coloured bird because he thinks it rhymes
No Finn and the Fianna no Maeve or Ferdia
No Battle of the Bulls Cruac Aei
No Baile na mallachtaí just Ballinamallard.
Lost in space lost in time devoid of meaning in the mind

Written by Colum Mac Giolla Bhéin in July 2016, and carried in Issue 2 of An Spréach Magazine.