An Spréach to launch in July 2018

Irish political activists announce the creation of a new Socialist Republican magazine, the first edition of which is due for release this coming July.

The quarterly publication intends to publicise issues relating to the struggle for National Liberation and Socialism in Ireland.

Formed by a collective of activists from across Ireland and beyond, An Spréach includes members of political organisations and non-aligned individuals.

Réamann Ó Duibhginn, Irish Language contributor to the publication, stated that their intention is to: “highlight the issues challenging the broader republican base and all its organisations. To best enable us to do so, we want to invite external contributors with the hope of having regular columnists who will offer opinion piece’s and political analysis”

Continuing: “An Spréach is a non-profit organisation, and we hope that the broader Republican base, and indeed international activists, will support our project as we get it off the ground. In aid of that objective, we have published a GoFundMe page in the hope that we can raise enough funds to launch our online platform and we’re also launching an online political t-shirt store.”

The GoFundMe page can be viewed here


"All funds will go toward the publication of our magazine and to support our various online platforms."